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"I attended a class this evening and was surprised with how good of a workout it was, and how much I learned with the different Kick Boxing moves that were taught! The class was taught in a small group setting, and I felt like I got all the attention I needed to learn the moves well and participate in the class. The class had a workout component to the beginning and some high intensity interval training exercises in the end, that left me feeling like it was a great workout. The class is soo much fun and it's always a great and welcoming environment on the mat. I look forward to next time."

Jeff Roeser

"This is a fantastic new gym! The head instructor is knowledgeable, and takes his time to help you figure out how to improve. The gym atmosphere was also very welcoming, and I felt comfortable joining."

Martha Ryan

"Myan is a great coach. In addition to being an excellent teacher, his judo techniques are effective in both sparring and in a self defense situation. He even drove an 8hr round trip to coach me at my first tournament. Can't recommend him enough."

Michael Ashworth

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